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The Achilles Desert Hawk A/P is a summer touring tire manufactured for SUV and light truck vehicles. This model offers great summer traction and excellent hydroplaning resistance, but it will not perform well in colder temperatures. A comfortable and quiet drive is guaranteed as the tire reduces the vibrations and the road noise experienced in the cabin of the vehicle. This model offers a longer lasting tread life, as it prevents premature wear on the tread. The Desert Hawk A/P allows quick and accurate steering responsiveness thanks to its enhanced road contact area.

  • Summer Tire

    The tire grips the road excellently in dry and wet weather but will not perform well in winter weather.

  • Hydroplaning Resistance

    The tire offers superb hydroplaning resistance, as the tread grooves disperse water from below the tire footprint.

  • Comfortable Drive

    The multi-sipe design the of the tread pattern lower the road vibrations felt by the passengers and offer a comfortable drive.

  • Longer Lasting Tread

    The deeper shoulder grooves in the tread pattern prevent premature wear on the tire, extending its life.

  • Steering Responsiveness

    The shoulder tread blocks and the two center ribs improve the steering responsiveness and precision of the model.

  • Quiet Tire

    The optimized tire profile cancels out the road noise that is generated while the tires are in transit and offers a quiet drive.

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