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The Aderenza ADZA88 is a summer high performance tire manufactured for passenger vehicles. This summer model has good road grip and traction on both wet and dry surfaces, but not in winter weather. The wet traction of the tire is also improved and it helps avoid dangerous hydroplaning situations with the four wide, circumferential grooves in the tread pattern. The ADZA88 is also a high performance tire, as the tread compound used in the manufacturing keeps the tire from deforming at high speeds while maintaining its directional stability and road surface grip.

  • Summer Tread

    The tire’s tread pattern and tire compound allow the tire to have great traction on wet or dry surfaces, but it’s not recommended for winter driving.

  • Performance

    The tire maintains its shape, stability and traction even at high speeds, making it a great performance tire.

  • Hydroplaning Resistance

    The tire disperses water from under its footprint, increasing the wet traction, thanks to the 4 wide grooves in the tread.

  • ADZA88

    Summer Tires 215/35R1985W Tire Specifications
    Load /Speed:85W
    Load Range:XL
    Run Flat:No
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