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The Antares Majoris M5 is a performance all season tire made for SUVs. The manufacturer offers a 30,000 mile tread wear warranty. It has remarkable all weather traction thanks to the silica based compound. It is safe to use all year round as it prevents dangerous hydroplaning. The silica compound also reduces the rolling resistance and with it the fuel consumption of the vehicle. The shoulder tread design increases the cornering ability and power and the steering responsiveness and handling by providing extra driving stability. The Majoris M5 offers a comfortable driving experience with the reduced vibration levels.

  • All Season Tire

    The silica based tire compound provides great all weather traction, including in wet, dry and winter weather conditions.

  • Hydroplaning Resistance

    The two waved grooves evacuate water from beneath the tire footprint and effectively resist hydroplaning.

  • Fuel Efficient

    The silica compound lowers the model’s rolling resistance, reducing the fuel consumption of the vehicle in the process.

  • Steering Responsiveness

    The shoulder tread design, the solid center rib and the steel belt reinforcement improve the steering responsiveness.

  • Cornering Ability

    The shoulder tread pattern design increases the cornering power and ability by providing excellent stability.

  • Comfortable Drive

    The steel belt reinforced internal structure absorbs the driving shock during on-road driving, enhancing the comfort levels.

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