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The Autogrip Grip 200 is a summer touring tire manufactured for passenger vehicles. This summer model offers excellent dry and wet weather traction and road grip. This is due to its asymmetric tread pattern, which also helps the tire resist hydroplaning. This model, however, will not perform well in winter weather conditions. The tire offers a smooth and quiet driving experience, with its reduced road noise. The Grip 200’s tread wears out evenly due to the equally distributed driving force of the tire, which elongates its tread life.

  • Summer Tire

    The tire’s asymmetric tread pattern offers great wet and dry traction and resistance to hydroplaning, but it will not perform well in winter.

  • Quiet Ride

    The tire’s tread pattern helps channel the airwaves between its tread grooves, reducing the road noise heard in the cabin.

  • Even Wear

    The driving force is evenly distributed along the tire’s footprint, making the tire wear out evenly.

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