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The BFGoodrich Premier Touring is an all season touring tire for passenger vehicles. It has a 70,000 mile warranty. Remarkable all weather traction is guaranteed, as these tires are M+S rated for mud and snow traction. This model is extremely resistant to hydroplaning as the grooves in the tread effectively disperse the water from its footprint. A quiet and comfortable drive is assured and a longer lasting tread life is provided with a tread designed to wear evenly. The Premier Touring’s stability at high speeds is provided by the excellent road grip of the tire, making the driving experience safer.

  • All Season Tread

    The tire has superb all weather traction and road grip, including in winter.

  • Resist Hydroplaning

    The tire is resistant to hydroplaning due to the wide grooves in the tread pattern.

  • Better Control

    The tire’s tread design on the shoulder helps enhance the tire’s steering responsiveness.

  • Quiet Tire

    The amount of road noise was reduced, due to the optimized tread pattern.

  • Long Tread Life

    Irregular wear on the tire is prevented by the evenly distributed driving force, which allows for a longer tread life.

  • Stability

    Driving stability is guaranteed at higher speeds, which makes this model safer.

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