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The Bridgestone Blizzak WS60 is a high performance winter tire manufactured for passenger vehicles. The tire has excellent winter weather traction and the tread design prevents hydroplaning by channeling water and slush from below the tire footprint. The optimal tire shape and tread design, along with the L. L. Carbon, increase the tire’s tread life and usability. The tire features tread depth indicators that show when the tire is about to be worn out. It is capable of performing at high speeds, even in winter conditions. The Blizzak WS60 offers a comfortable drive with the reduced road vibrations.

  • Winter Tire

    The tire was manufactured using the tube multi-cell tire compound which improves winter weather traction.

  • Hydroplaning Resistance

    The wide circumferential center groove avoids hydroplaning by dispersing water and slush from beneath the footprint.

  • Longer Tread Life

    The L. L. Carbon, the optimal tire shape and tread design increase the tread life of the tire.

  • Tread Depth Indicators

    The tread depth indicators notify the driver when the tire is about to lose its excellent gripping ability.

  • Performance

    The tire is capable of performing excellently in winter weather thanks to its internal spiral wrap.

  • Comfortable Drive

    The O-bead structure maintains tire uniformity and reduces the road vibrations felt in the cabin of the vehicle.

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