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The Bridgestone Dueler H/T 689 is a highway terrain all season tire made for SUV, crossover and light truck vehicles. This model is warrantied for 60,000 miles. This tire model offers a long tread life. Its tread starts between 11/32 to 15/32 depending on the size, and the tread pattern prevents irregular wear. The tire’s steering response, cornering ability and stability are enhanced as well with the optimal grip the tire has on the road. A comfortable and quiet driving experience are guaranteed with the optimized tread pattern. The Dueler H/T 689 has excellent all-weather traction and resists hydroplaning in deeper water.

  • All Season Tire

    The tread compound and pattern give extra all weather traction to the tire, even in winter conditions.

  • Avoid Hydroplaning

    The model helps resist hydroplaning by dispersing water from under the tire’s footprint.

  • Steering Responsiveness

    The tire’s tread pattern keeps its grip on the road offering a more precise steering response.

  • Better Cornering

    The shoulder tread design of the tire offers better grip and power during cornering, enhancing safety.

  • Quiet Tire

    The optimized tread pattern helps reduce the road-noise, making the driving experience smoother and quieter.

  • Longer Tread Life

    The tire’s tread starts between 11/32 and 15/32 and it wears out evenly, lengthening its life.

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