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The Bridgestone Potenza RE-11 is a summer high performance passenger tire. This model has excellent traction in wet and dry weather, but is not recommended for use in lower temperatures. The tread grooves are designed to help resist hydroplaning. The tire’s handling is enhanced by the maximized contact patch and the tire’s outer shoulder tread design helps improve its cornering ability and power. This tire offers a quiet and comfortable drive with the optimized tread design. The Potenza RE-11 has enhanced stability due to the motorsport technology incorporated into the manufacturing.

  • Easy Handling

    Due to the maximized contact patch of the tread pattern the tire’s control is better, making the drive safer.

  • Summer Tire

    Dry and wet traction is guaranteed by the asymmetric tread pattern, but the tire is not suited for winter weather.

  • Resist Hydroplaning

    Water is dispersed from under the tire’s footprint by the tread grooves, efficiently resisting hydroplaning.

  • Better Cornering

    The tread pattern’s outer shoulder blocks enhance the tire’s cornering power and ability in both wet and dry conditions.

  • Quiet Tire

    Comfort is guaranteed with this model, as the optimized tread pattern reduces the road noise in the vehicle’s cabin.

  • Stability

    The tire’s high speed stability is strengthened by the 3D Seamless Stealth Technology, which was originally developed for racing.

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