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The Bridgestone Potenza RE-71R is an ultra high performance summer tire manufactured for passenger vehicles. The model has extreme dry and wet traction and grip due to the racing-inspired technology, which enhances its performance. This model’s unique construction and tread design also help to improve its high speed performance. This also shortens its braking distance and increases its cornering power and ability. The special tread pattern helps eliminate water from beneath the tire’s footprint, effectively resisting dangerous hydroplaning situations. The Potenza RE-71R offers precise steering response for a safer and more controlled drive.

  • Maximized Grip

    The tire’s braking and cornering grip was enhanced by the tire compound and its special construction.

  • Performance

    The tire has excellent performance in both dry and wet weather, due to the racing-inspired technology used in its construction.

  • Better Cornering

    The unique shoulder tread pattern and the tread stiffness provide the tire with better cornering power and ability.

  • Summer Tire

    The tire has extremely strong dry and wet traction, but it is not suited for winter driving conditions.

  • Avoid Hydroplaning

    The Hydro-Evacuation Surface (H. E. S.) helps resist hydroplaning in deep water by dispersing water from beneath the tire.

  • Precise Steering

    The wide center rib in the tire’s tread pattern helps improve the steering precision, making this model safer.

  • Potenza RE-71R

    Summer Tires 235/45R17N/AZ Tire Specifications
    Load /Speed:N/AZ
    Load Range:N/A
    Run Flat:Yes
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