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The Bridgestone Potenza S001 (AO) is a summer touring tire manufactured for passenger vehicles. The tire offers excellent wet and dry traction. However, it will not perform well in winter weather conditions. The tread grooves help resist hydroplaning by channeling water from below the footprint. The tire is an AO model, manufactured for Audi vehicles as it has passed the manufacturer’s rigorous tests. The tire’s high speed uniformity is maintained by its enhanced structure and it provides a precise and quick steering responsiveness. The Potenza S001 (AO) offers a longer lasting tread life as the tire prevents irregular wear.

  • AO Tire

    The tire was manufactured as an Audi original equipment tire, made to enhance the vehicle’s performance ability.

  • Summer Tire

    The tire has excellent dry, wet, and summer weather traction, but it will not perform well in winter conditions.

  • Hydroplaning Resistance

    The lateral grooves in the tread pattern eliminate water from below the footprint and resist hydroplaning in the process.

  • Uniformity

    The spiral warp structure of the tire maintains its shape during high speed driving, providing a safer drive.

  • Longer Tread Life

    The equally distributed driving force prevent irregular wear on the tires, which extends the tread life.

  • Steering Precision

    The continuous center rib in the tread pattern improves the tire’s steering responsiveness and precision.

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