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The Bridgestone Turanza EL400 is an all season touring tire made for passenger, SUV and crossover vehicles. The tire offers an 80,000 mile warranty. This model has a longer lasting tread life, as the optimized contact area prevents irregular wear. It provides a vibration and road noise free drive, perfect for longer trips. It has exceptional all weather traction and road grip, even in lower temperatures, and the circumferential grooves eliminate water and prevent hydroplaning. The tire’s braking distance was shortened, making it safer and more controlled. The Turanza EL400 has a superb and precise steering response.

  • All Season Tire

    The tire has excellent all weather traction and road grip, and it performs well even in slight winter conditions.

  • Quiet Tire

    A smooth and quiet ride is provided by reducing road noise and on-road vibrations, making it a perfect touring tire.

  • Long Tread Life

    The tire’s optimized tread contact area makes it wear out evenly and extends the tire’s tread life.

  • Avoid Hydroplaning

    The tire’s wide tread grooves help evacuate water from beneath the tire’s footprint, avoiding hydroplaning.

  • Precise Steering

    The maximized road contact area on the tire helps enhance the its steering precision, making it easier to control.

  • Better Braking

    This tire features a shortened and more controlled all weather braking distance for a safer drive.

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