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The Continental 4X4 Contact is an all season touring tire for on- and slight off-road driving manufactured for SUV, off-road and 4x4 vehicles. This all-season tire model has excellent traction in all weather conditions, including in light snow. The symmetric tread pattern provides stability during the drive, prolonging the tire’s tread life with an even tread wear. The tire can be used both on-road and slightly off-road as well. Also due to the tread design the model lowers its rolling resistance, lessening the fuel usage per mile. The 4X4 Contact offers an enhanced resistance against hydroplaning and improved wet traction.

  • Quiet Ride

    The specially designed tread pattern provides lower noise levels during on-road driving.

  • Resist Hydroplaning

    The tread grooves prevent the tire from hydroplaning in deeper water and improve the wet traction.

  • Good Traction

    The tire provides good on- and off-road traction due to its tread pattern.

  • All Season Tread

    The silica-fused tire compound offers good traction in all weather conditions, including light snow.

  • Longer Tread Life

    The symmetric tread pattern allows for directional stability, which in turn extends the tire’s tread life.

  • Fuel-efficiency

    By lowering the rolling resistance with the symmetric tread, the tire offers a more economic, fuel-efficient drive.

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