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The Continental ContiSportContact 3 is a max performance summer tire with a highway tread manufactures for sporty passenger vehicles, such as sport coupes and luxury sedans. The tire’s tread design allows for a shorter braking distance, the resistance of hydroplaning and better wet surface traction. The steering response time was shortened due to the unique tread pattern. Extra balance and stability for high speed driving, a result of the asymmetric tread design, was implemented with the ContiSportContact 3. The model’s acceleration is quicker, due to its lessened rolling resistance.

  • Resistance to Hydroplaning

    The tire has improved wet traction and a resistance to hydroplaning due to the tread pattern on its shoulder.

  • Improved Braking

    Also due to the tread pattern this model stops shorter than its predecessor due to its superior tread design.

  • Improved Traction

    The silica compound that was used in the manufacture of the tire produces an enhanced wet and dry traction.

  • Precise Steering

    The raised bands in the tread design, which are unique and customized, enable a more precise steering responsiveness.

  • Great Stability and Balance

    The asymmetric tread pattern on the tire achieves better stability, balance and cornering traction at high speeds.

  • Quick Acceleration

    The tire’s low rolling resistance, due to the superior tire compound, allows for a much faster acceleration.

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    ContiSportContact 3

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