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The Continental ContiSportContact 5 SSR is a high performance summer passenger tire. This model has outstanding dry and wet traction, but it is not suited for winter conditions. The tire’s reinforced sidewalls withstand the vehicle’s weight for 50 miles after the loss of air pressure, due to the run flat technology used in making the tire. Its cornering ability and power were enhanced and the braking distance was shortened by the special tire compound, making the drive safer. This model reduces fuel consumption, as it stays cooler while driving, which also enhances the ContiSportContact 5 SSR’s performance.

  • Run Flat Tire

    The SSR (Self Supporting Runflat) technology enables the tire to be driven on for 50 miles after the loss of air pressure.

  • Summer Tire

    The tire’s compound offers exceptional dry and wet traction, but it will not perform well in winter conditions.

  • Cornering Ability

    The Black Chili enhanced compound provides additional biting edges and improves the tire’s cornering ability and power.

  • Better Braking

    Due to the Black Chili enhanced tire compound the braking distance is shortened, making the tire safer.

  • Fuel-efficient

    The tire stays cooler while driving which reduces the rolling resistance, lowering the fuel usage in turn.

  • Performance

    The reinforced structure of the tire offers extra stability at high speeds, while the Black Chili compound enhances the acceleration.

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