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The Continental ControlContact Tour A/S is a touring all season tire manufactured for passenger tires. This model comes with a 90,000 mile warranty. This tire model offers an excellent all weather traction and thanks to the tread design it resists hydroplaning in deeper water. The tire’s tread life lasts for a longer period of time thanks to the TG-F polymers in the tread and to the EcoPlus Technology. The tread pattern design’s full depth sipes maintain the tire’s road grip even when the tire is worn out. The ControlContact Tour A/S offer a smooth driving experience.

  • All Season Tire

    The tread compound and the pattern design grips the road well in dry, wet and winter weather conditions.

  • Hydroplaning Resistance

    The tread grooves help eliminate water and slush from below the footprint, effectively resisting hydroplaning.

  • Longer Tread Life

    The TG-F polymers in the tire’s tread structure help enhance its tread life by slowing down the wear rate.

  • Full Depth Sipes

    The full depth sipes don’t just appear on the top of the tread pattern, but they reach deeper, offering traction for longer.

  • Comfortable Drive

    The special band between the belt and the tread cancel out the road vibrations, offering a more comfortable drive.

  • Eco-Friendly

    The tire was manufactures using the EcoPlus technology, which provides the tire with improved grips and tread wear.

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