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The Continental ExtremeContact DWS Tuned is a high performance all season tire manufactured for performance SUV and light truck vehicles. The tire comes with a 50,000 mile warranty. It offers superb all weather traction and resistance against hydroplaning. The model brings out its best performing capability as its internal structure maintains its optimal shape. The steering ability and cornering power are enhanced with the tread pattern and the tire’s excellent traction. The ExtremeContact DWS Tuned has tread wear indicators that show when it is about to lose its traction.

  • All Season Tire

    The high grip silica tire compound provides excellent all weather traction in dry, wet and winter weather.

  • Hydroplaning Resistance

    The independent tread grooves eliminate water and slush from below the tire footprint, improving the hydroplaning resistance.

  • Steering Responsiveness

    The shoulder block design and the continuous center rib improve the steering responsiveness and accuracy.

  • Cornering Ability

    The cornering ability and power were improved with the shoulder tread’s excellent road gripping ability.

  • Performance Indicators

    The Performance Indicators show when the tire is about to lose its wet and snow traction, when the “WS” wears out.

  • Durability

    The high speed durability is enhanced with the internal reinforced structure that maintains the optimal tire shape.

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